Toothache has two types: the one that comes out of the blue and the other one which starts with a tiny little pain and becomes unbearable in a few days.

The best thing we can do of course is to book an appointment to our dentist. However, if we are not lucky enough we cannot get an appointment within the next 24 hours even if we are in emergency. In this case the symptoms can be released with some tricks.
One immediate solution is the medicine, either Paracetamol or Ibuprofen could be a good choice, but there are other solutions which are more natural and can be found at home.
Clove oil can reduce the pain as it contains eugenol, which has local anaesthetic impact on the tooth and the gums. If you do not have any clove oil at home you can use whole gloves placing them on your teeth, chew them a bit and let them work.
Peppermint tea is also able to numb the painful area. Use a teaspoon of peppermint tea, add a cup of boiling water and let it cool for 15 minutes then swish the tea around your mouth and either swallow or spit it out. Repeat it until you feel it works.
You can also use a general black tea bag. Boil the tea bag with water, let it cool and place the tea bag to your irritated tooth. The tannins that are in black tea can give a relief for a while.
According to another method you just need salt and water. Put a teaspoon of salt into a glass of warm water, mix it and rinse your mouth with the mixture for 30 seconds then spit it out. Repeat the treatment as many times you need.
Not only water but alcohol could help too. Pour some whiskey or vodka to a cotton ball, place it to the painful teeth and keep it there for a while or until it gets better.

Even if these treatments can depress the pain they are not permanent solutions so as soon as you feel the pain call your dentist and while you are waiting for your appointment, try some advice from above.