Emergency Dental Treatment in Birmingham

Dental trauma can be any injury concerning the oral cavity and face which includes any hard or soft tissues within and surrounding the mouth, i.e. teeth/restorations, gums, tongue, lips and cheeks.

Dental emergency is an umbrella term used to describe a number of issues involving the teeth and supporting tissues. Depending on the type of pain experienced, a skilled clinician can determine the cause and expertly treat the issues.

Dental restorations (crowns, bridges, implants) falling out or fracturing is considered a dental emergency because this affects the function of the teeth and the appearance of one’s smile therefore it needs to be addressed with the same promptness as loss of tooth tissue.

A dental emergency may be due to:
– Fractured tooth or dental restoration
– Dental pain
– Swelling/infections
– Excessive oral bleeding
– Serious injury to the mouth
– Problem with the front teeth affecting appearance

Teeth may become fractured by trauma, grinding or biting on a hard object. Fillings, crowns and other restorative solutions can be damaged or fall out completely as well. All dental emergencies should be treated by a dental health professional as soon as possible to prevent more damage to the tooth and/or surrounding tissues. When you have a dental emergency it is important to see your dentist as quickly as possible before pain occurs. Pain caused by dental emergencies always gets worse without treatment and dental issues can put your overall physical health at serious risk.

ABC Dentistry provides emergency dental treatment for you in the heart of Birmingham. You do not need to be our registered patient to access our emergency services. If you have an emergency or are in pain, do not hesitate to contact our dental surgery to make an appointment on 0121 633 8833.

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